Proposals - Australian National Centre

  Suggested Centre Format 

  • Child Protection Policies, procedures and  advisory capacity
  • Mandatory reporting obligations -
  • policy, legislaton, advice and support for Mandatory Reporters.
  • Support for victimised Mandatory Reporters.
  • activation of support for relevant survivors.
  • support for Child Protection Officers - training, accreditation.
  • support for family of Mandatory Reporters
  • support for survivors.

The Centre Should have:

Post Grad, Doctoral and Post Doctoral research with input from stakeholders

   particularly survivors needs and   feedback from past therapy and support

to produce a body of knowledge

and survivor sensitive course imput

for Post Grad - Masters Degrees to be offered by Universities

     Masters Degree in Sexual Assault Counselling.

           the Degree  should be at least 1-2 years full time by coursework and a Thesis

              it should be interdisciplinary

              it should be  neurophysiological

             an apreciation of professions survivors  go to for support or treatment.

       Entry  - graduates in psychology, social work, counselling, criminology 

     Diploma or Graduate Diploma  Courses  for  non Graduate counsellors 

    Diploma or Graduate Diploma courses for other professions who support survivors.

       Masters Degree in Trauma Release

    a two year full time or part time degree  one year coursework, one year thesis by research.

     inter disciplinary


      Graduate Diploma or Diploma Course

         for non graduate practioners  or Graduate Practioners without psychology or social work degrees.

  suitable for  non graduate counsellors


                       remedial massages


                      tapping  and or shaking   trauma release practioners.

                      non offending/ survivor sensitive  Clergy and religious practioners.

                              whilst  many survivors of clergy abuse are understandably vocal

                              accomodating their needs should not be to the exclusion of professional training of Clergy

                                           as many survivors look to Clergy for support. Some find being referred to other

                                                secular professionals as a compounding of abondonment and this ought to not be.

                                                it might be appropriate to have courses specifically designed for clergy.


           These courses should include at least one subject in

  • understanding the History and Philosophy of science and the scientific method
  • identifying  and incorporating new variables and researching an understanding
  • refering clienrts and interacting with other  professionals.

       It may be  that once Degrees in Trauma release are established  that Universities may offer specialised Degrees for trauma release in general with  optional subjects for :

     trauma release from traffic accidents and natural desasters

       trauma release for vererans

        other trauma


Advisory Groups  - there should be advisory groups with at least 50% survivor representation to evaluate couyrses

    of the 50% academics and representatives of professionals no more than 25% should be psychologists

     with at least one allied professional  and at least one GP representative.


















Data Collection 

  It is suggested that Data Collection should be undertaken either on line

or by trauma informed trained Market Research interviewers whoes skill is recording the caller's information, views. opinions, sugestions but in an open format which is adaptive to an infinite aray of variables - some known from previous research and Royal Commission Reports

some unknown.

     a complex matrix would need to be invented to  record

variables and add new variables

on existing and to add new dimensions to individualist collation and non collations

to ensure that each unique life experience is recorded without imposing pre existant  trends.

    here should be no prevailing school of thought rather a model of discovery, of exploration of variables

   minorities, no matter how small should be acredited and validated.