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I wrote the following reply to a researcher asking for feedback from male survivors

I listed resources and made recommendations they may be of assistance

Survivors ought to be resourced:

During the first session every male survivor should be given a copy of "Victims No longer" by Mike Lew.
At the end of the first session male survivors should be given an information sheet or a QR code to a private page on the service providers website providing links to : Is a very comprehensive and reputable information site
2. A list of local and national Helplines for male survivors to call in between sessions.
3. any other resources the service recommends.
The need to go beyond narrarive therapy / to present an interdisciplinary approach. I would suggest during later sessions the male survivor be informed of the following books:
and the following websites:

Somatic Trauma Therapy

I am gratefull to the male social worker / sexual assalt counsellor who mentioned to me that
Babette Rothschild wrote "The Body Remembers"

The Trauma Research Foundation.

Bessel Van Der Kolk wrote "The Body keeps the score"

The work of Peter Levine eg Somatic Experiencing International
Peter Levine has some helpfull You Tube Presentations
any known trauma informed remedial massagers / physiotherapists. I first came accross this when I went to a male physio to release trauma from my pelvic floor. I found "A headache in the Pelvis" by David Wise and Rodney Anderson helpful.
Emotional Freedom Techniques or EFT (tapping) I find to be helpfull and adaptive

"The Science of Tapping" by Peta Stapleton outlines Clinical EFT personally I use Christian EFT
EFT is very adaptive to individual perspectives
Some suggestions for the design and functioning of Sexual assault units for male survivors.

A lounge area for survivors to relax or sociolise with other survivors but alternate entrance / exit for survivors wanting privacy
access to on line computers
a massage chair ( cost around $ A 3,000 to 4,000) where survivors can have massage to release trauma from the body.
a list of trauma informed male sensitive specialists / health care professionals such as:

Dentists, Urologists, Colonospists, Physiotherapists, remedial massagers , trauma aware neurologists, GP's etc.
Much of the resources I have listed above refers to trauma release as in the release of sexual trauma.
which is more than traumatised cognative memories and includes
traumatised muscles and an imbalanced Vagus nerve

ideally a sexual assault support centre

should be interdisciplinary.