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         In late November 2019 stakeholders were invited to attend consultation days

to provide input into the design of the National Centre.

       Having  given much thought to the complexities and interdisciplinary nature of

Child Protection

Mandatory Reporting

Survivor disclosing and  reporting

Survivor services

the need for health care professionals and  Clergy to be more trauma informed

the need to reduce trauma avoidance as being too hard or unthinkable 

amongst health care professionals, Clergy and the community in general.

 support for family, friends and collegues of survivors.

a need for a recognition of the previlance of high functioning survivors, many of whom are Graduates

             and Post Graduates. 

    Due to the complexity of my submission and it's multi dimentionalism I felt writing up my submission in this website format might be helpful.

     There are other views and perspectives which I am confident others will present

a complexity is the permutations of who has been deeply hurt and by whom.

      The Centre will need to manage competing perspectives.