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External disrupters of the dimensions of the Multidimensional model during recovery

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basically my update is that  post trauma or during recovery or in the present

  there are disrupters which collide with the dimensions

      like a billard ball scattering a cluster of billard balls thus re arranging them


  • sexual abuse or exploitation exprienced by csa survivors during  ones adult years
  • not being believed
  • being discredited
  • abandonment
  • incorrect catorigatisation
  • lack of finance to fund ongoing therapy
  • not being understood by a therapist / inapropriate therapy
  • too much research information locked away in Academic Journals too expensive to access
  • too little written up in books
  • a tendendancy for Survivor Services websites to write summaries without citations for survivors to read
  • a lack of acknowledgement that many survivors have University Degrees or have undertaken Post Graduate Studies
  • therapists who do not disclose actual or potential conflicts of interest
  • some therapists are more focused on their business model than client recovery
  • the influence of Lawyers and insurers  restricting the response of institgutions.
  • non adaptive protocols which become limiting or counter productive
  • other factors