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Example - Colonospy

   I need 5 yearly colonospies.  I am a survivor of anal rape.


   I brief my surgeon before the operation that  the operation can't be done without being retraumatised

                    and so I arrange post op support

    I have found my surgeon's to be supportive.

              however in finding a new surgeon after my surgeon retired

                      I rejected some centres as I found the responses to be cold and clinical focusing on rapid turn arounds.


Example 1970 and 1971.

            longer stays in hospital helped.  this was when my memories of csa were locked away

            the second operation when I got home I cried.

Early nineties.

           my surgeon arranged for me to stay overnight   a good outcome

           I can't recall if or how I was or was not retraumatised.

          the day in a private room alone may have helped me stabolise


Day surgury unit.  at least three colonospies.


The first one I was retraumatised waiting in the reception area for a long period

    at one point I walked out and rang the rape cricis centre. they were understanding and helpfull

       the surgeon mentioned scaring which was put down to "straining at stool"

   I can't recall what post op was like

         other than as soon as I woke up they rang my son to come and take me home before I was ready.

   maybe that was the one where after arriving home I closed our bedroom door and rang a sexual assault service for support.


The second time I had a conversation with the anethestist ( husband of the surgeon) before the operation.

       after I got the paper work done he took me upstairs where I sat alone

              I coped better than waiting in the waiting room with many other patients.

     this time they agreed to let me wait until I was ready to leave.

 My son drove me to Wattle Place  to see the duty counsellor

this time I asked my surgeon for a report of her observations

    I may have mention I am a survivor

she reported a 3 cms scar.  this was validation for me as when I was raped at 4 I bled.


the next time post op I caught a taxi to Wattle Place

             although I sadly found the duty counsellor going through the motions

                     almost but not quite dismissive.

  I had arranged for my son to collect me and drive me to my remedial massager for trauma release

             it was very helpful.

  I had seen him before and found massaging of the glutz muscles released tense muscles

              and released trauma. 

Around August this year with my new surgeon.

           he arranged for me to stay overnight

                this was very helpful and recomended.

    the Tuesday before the Thursday operation I went to a church worship / prayer night

I had no post op trauma this time.


2022 hernia operation.

    I had a terific surgeon

    I had pre op and post op physio with a specialist physio  who even rang me two days after the operation

            although the exercises started after going home


   the post op pain and trauma was horific

   and I had constipation from the thursday to the Monday night

      pasing at 1am after  ringing two support services

          after sheer determination fearing I had exhausted support

            I passed at 1am

         and rang the rape crisis centre   the counsellor was elated at my sucess


staying in hospital for two days in a private room helped

as I could ring 24/7 sexual assault support services ( I have several numbers in my mobile directory)

and two Pastors rang me

and my trauma informed psychotherapist rang the day after the operation.


    I apologise for the brievity of my notes








developing trauma informed dental treatments - a survivor of oral rape

pre opening the memory vault

     I spontaneously bit.    a dentist put in a chock but I dry reached

my poor dentist wondered what was happening

    I built a splint to control grinding during the night


once I had to have treatment from a root therapist dentist as that procedure was complex

   each of the two procedures went for an hour or more

I saw darkness the whole time


after the opening of the memory door   I disclosed to my new dentist

    he is understanding

    I am less retraumatised

       he puts in the chock although I spointaneously swallow and bite less

however glentching my teeth day to day and my bite etc

   has caused many caps to fall out  

  sometimes he obses me getting traumatised and he once talk me to shake my hand

        I had explained shaking as a trauma release  ( see Peter Levine's work)

he is very trauma sensitive

and very helpful





I'm not up to writing this up tonight

but the day at the age of 2 when I said no

  mrs perp came in and held me down

before "impact"  at a certain point one eye blurred and the other looked to the right

   once when my remedial massager was massaging the back of my head

looking at the ONE down light

      it has a coloured rim

        a second light etc

I saw my optonetrist who wrote the technical terms


     two behavioural optometrists were unhelpful


a new optometrist at my normal practice is patient

   we are trying to find remedial therapy

my eyes are fine

     but my sight gets traumatised

if I concentrate I can get most of the eye chart correct

   I'd be happy to investigate further



physio and remedial massage

if trauma informed

    I found it extremely helpful in releasing trauma

I can send in copies of reports written

Impacts - Redress application

I can provide copies of my 23 documents I sent in over a two year period.

I said "this is the first time I have been asked to state the impacts"